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Able Danger aka MR2 and Catalyst were formed in the latter part of 2009 having both been DJ's since the height of the Jungle explosion back in the early 1990's. Both have held down regular Radio shows on Internet stations UKRumble and Pyro Radio but most notably their shows on Rude FM which spanned a period of 10 Years attracted the most attention. Drawing influences from Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Techno, Able Danger's style of production isn't something you could easily define. Ultimately Able Danger's goal is to push the limits of their creativity rather than Piegon hole themselves in an already segregated music scene. MR2 also runs Surround Sound Recordings with Label Owner and production partner DJ Lethal. With releases already on Surround Sound, Freak Recordings, Dutty Audio and Vampire Records, Able Danger are starting to cement themselves into the scene nicely. They are also residents at Top London club night Tech:nology and have featured at nights like Intent2Supply and Renegade Hardware regularly in the past few Years! Watch out for more from these boys on Vampire!


ASC is a UK drum and bass producer who has made his name as one of the most versatile and cutting edge artists in the scene. ASC has worked with labels such as Exit Records and NonPlus+ Records to forge his signature sound, breaking barriers between genres and always producing a high standard of dance music! ASC grew up on a mix of different sounds, from Motown to techno and the blooming UK Hardcore sound. He started in music at school age as a DJ alongside his friends on pirate radio stations. As he listened to more and more music he grew more interested in the production, soon he invested in his own music studio set-up which became a really turning point for his life. ASC produced a number of tracks between 1997-1999 including a 7 track demo, from which songs were signed to Nu Directions and Good Looking Records. After a selection of these releases having success, ASC started his own label titled Covert Operations. During 2000-2009, Covert Operations released over 30 vinyl releases and 8 CDs. ASC has collaborated with many other respected artists including dBridge, Instra:mental, Consequence & Vaccine. He has also performed as a DJ in sets across the world including various festivals across Europe!


Atmospherix is from Belgium and is the new kid on the block and the one that is getting everyone in a twist. Resolutely choosing for the Deep End and spending every waking hour behind the computer, exploring the far corners of the universe of sound, this boy is destined to come up with new vibes and new breaks. Having already signed tracks to Vampire Records, Fokuz, Influenza Media and Rubik, his experiments have caught the eye and ear of Doc Scott, Goldie, Total Science and Ant TC1, so expect big things in the near future!



B-Key started listening to Electro and Hip Hop back in the mid 80s, getting into the Break-dance scene and competing in the competitions alongside Dylan. He was heavily into the music, and by 89-90, B-Key was going out to Raves like Biology, Energy, Raindance, Telepathy and weekly clubs like Camden Palace and Orange soon became a regular thing. In 1992 a pirate radio station called Raw FM started (which eventually became Rude FM 88.2) and B-Key got a regular set each week. Producing was a natural progression and soon B-Key teamed up with Dylan and released their first track in 1994 on Droppin Science Vol. 9 under the name of Kosmos. Since then, B-Key has had a number of releases on Biotic, XXX, Cylon, Outbreak, Invader, Spectrum Audio, and remix work for Moving Shadow. He has also had several tracks of his tracks used in T.V. commercials on the Paramount Channel and Bravo. Besides playing across London and Europe, B-Key has also toured several times in the U.S., playing in cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati and Philly. Future plans for B-Key include starting his own label (Waveform Recordings), as well as forthcoming releases on Freak Recordings, Musica, Outbreak, Renegade Hardware, Biotic and XXX.


Digital aka Steve Carr is and Ipswich based producer known exclusively for his "Old School Beats" and "Dub B-lines". This is one producer likely to pull a few seriously weighty tricks out of the bag. Digital has been involved in music all of his life, particularly reggae. Main influences being from his father having run a sound system for about thirty years. His musical tag & skills come from his knack at tampering with electronic equipment from the early age of fourteen. From about 1989 to 1991 Digital was busy "Running around playing Reggae" with sound systems, till the fateful period when all this rave business crept in. Around 1991 the scene started to grow heavily in Ipswich and the surroundings areas. Digital started hiring out his sound system to various promoters having raves in and around Ipswich, this is when he started checking out the scene and its music. 1991 was also the year Digital met Danny.C. The two eventually joined forces to produce Split Personality' for Certificate 18 under the guise of Authorized Riddim in '94. Steve got to know Rupert Parkes, best known as Photek, around town in Ipswich who helped him get underway on his own studio. His first solo release was Touch Me' on Timeless Recordings in 1995 but it was the phenomenal Spacefunk'' also on Timeless that really showcased his talents alongside tracks such as Down Under' on Metalheadz that put his name firmly on the map. To follow was a host of releases for likes of Moving Shadow, Photek Productions and Creative Source.



Friske has been a student of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and music since his formative years. His introduction to the scene came in 2003 via a weekly show on London's Kool FM. A chance meeting with Ink on 2004 would prove to be a key move as eventually he was invited in to what became The Horsemen. With subsequent tunes being passed to both Loxy & Ink, his spot within this elite kru was solidified and h...e was brought to the forefront with "Troublesome" which appeared as the sampler of the first Horsemen LP Apocalypse in 2005 on Renegade Hardware. Since then Friske has gone on to release on labels such as Human Imprint, Architecture, Inneractive, Translation, Vampire and more. Friske's tunes have received support from DJs such as Loxy, Ink, Hive, Flight, Outrage, Spirit, Trace, Dieselboy, Raiden, A-Sides, Meth, BTK, Dylan, and many more, also receiving plays on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra by Bailey and Mary Anne Hobbs. Recent releases include "The Storm" on Spirit's Inneractive and "Informer" alongside Ink, on his LP on Renegade Hardware, The Last Scroll. Current forthcoming releases include "Traitor" on DSCI4 and also the launch of Friske's own label, Melee.


Welsh born Edward Oberon is a Drum and Bass producer DJ and singer who also produces for different genres, for example opera, and for businesses, for example the fashion world. Originally from Wales, UK, Edward Oberon brings his unique styles to the scene stateside and abroad. He began his journey in NYC via Saburuko. Now, as a solo artist, his music has flourished to see releases on labels: Cylon, Vampire, Sonorous, SoundTrax, Good Looking, Blu Saphir, Horizons, Influence, and Prestige just to name a few. Edward had14 consecutive weeks of airplay on the BBC's Radio 1 with the ever-requested soulful smasher "Paradise" which came out on Fabio's Creative Source! Also a writer/producer of Classical, House, Electro and Minimal, he makes his mark in fashion providing original music for the runways of Prada, Comme De Garcons, and Ungaro. He has been featured in magazines such as Knowledge, ATM, High Times and BPM.




Overlooked for years... Gremlinz works out of Toronto in Canada and now has his sound on some of the top tier labels in the scene, gaining ample respect with each Single and EP released. Gremlinz has been DJing Drum and Bass since 1998, having started producing tracks in 2000. Following his debut on Metalheadz MDZ04 LP, he´s dropped tracks on a number of labels including Renegade Hardware, and with each release, the accolades have poured in. His style is multi-faceted, allowing him to drop both pulsating, break beat - heavy B-Boy affairs to the more understated, dub-heavy tunes seemingly at will. His production style has been well-received on both sides of the pond, and landed him a spot on Loxy & Ink´s HORSEMEN collective, aligning him with a superb stable of producers.


Henree has always been a passionate music lover with interest in a broad spectrum of genres including Detroit Techno, Deep House, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk and Fusion. All these styles have played an influential part for his 1st love, Drum and Bass! It was just a logical progression to immerse himself in this music & get behind the decks. Hailing from the city of Cologne in Germany, he is part of a long-serving crew called Tatort. When his first productions saw the light of day, they were pretty quickly picked up by all major players in and outside of the Drum and Bass scene and were making their waves on dance floors and radio stations all across The Globe! Since he gained more and more attention through his releases on various labels like Soundtrax, Phunkfiction and Soul:R. Henree had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe to present his music. In terms of his DJ selection as well as on his own productions he prefers his beats energetic but still with a soulful edge not forgetting about the Funk and Groove. It doesn't matter what style it is as long as it's good. Quality is what matters to him - not the pigeonhole Henree plays the whole spectrum that this music has to offer you will undoubtedly here more of him and his music in the near future!


Hybris is Evan Vischi. After years of being a studio recluse, Evan surfaced in the DC scene and released collaborations and solo projects under the name Robot Death Squad. He then moved to the Czech Republic to focus on advancing his own sound and began releasing under the name Hybris. Towards the end of 2009 his tunes were spotted and picked up by Kasra, and his debut single was released on Critical: Modulations (The Cleaner/ Raindance) in June of 2010. Not long after, a trip to Groningen and collaboration with Noisia resulted in Crystalline, and in February 2011, the Hybris EP on Noisia's Invisible imprint was released. Since then he has had a release on Metalheadz and continues to work for them on a more exclusive basis these days! Hybris continues to push the limits of his brain and monitors to further uncover new sonic territory. Watch this space for more updates.



inZtance a.k.a. Villem Hion is a Drum and Bass artist hailing from Estonia. He was first hooked on the futuristic sounds of Jungle/Drum and Bass in the mid-nineties at the age of 14 and continued to grow with the music of the likes of Goldie, Photek, 4 Hero, Doc Scott and Krust. It wasn't until 2002 when he started dabbling in production more seriously. From there he was quick to pick up the vibe because of his musical background. Singing in various choirs in Tartu for many years, participating in a couple of garage bands and learning piano for a couple of years was very good grounding. The year 2005 saw his first release under Basswerk Files, doing remixing duties for another Estonian producer called Loudy. A year later Future Prophecies remixed his track "War Without End", which received critical acclaim and was released under Red Dragon Recordings. Musically he stays on the deeper yet melodical side of Drum and Bass usually spicing things up with Tech elements. He likes the term "Rough with The Smooth" to describe his distinctive style. His music is constantly evolving as he always tries to push the boundaries! The last years have been very busy for inZtance. Towards the end of 2006 he started working on his independently produced and distributed debut album "Through Sounds", which saw light in July 2007. Tunes like "Never Say Never" and "Lucifer Dub" from the album have both attracted high level of interest and have been supported by DJ's Moving Fusion, Flight, Paul B & Subwave, Lightwood from Santorin Recordings and Audio1, to name a few. The tunes have also received a lot of air-time on local and international radio stations, most notably Estonia's national radio Raadio 2, UK's BBC's 1xtra and Blast FM, and also well-known internet radio stations like Pyroradio (on the "Ram Records show") and Bassdrive. In September 2007 he also remixed "Nightlife" by IAMX - the solo project of Chris Corner, formerly of Sneaker Pimps - for Nineteen95 Records. In December 2007 he won the "Best Drum and Bass Producer in Estonia" award, which was given out by Raadio 2. Look out for inZtance in the future as he surely is set to cause plenty of havoc and mayhem in our ever growing Drum and Bass scene!


Midlands based Jem-One broke into the Drum and Bass scene in 2007. His forward thinking style caught the ears of many of the scenes major players, with fierce DJ support from Grooverider, Goldie, Fabio, Flight, Bailey, Marky, Randall, Vapour, Digital, Probe, Andy C, Loxy and Storm to name but a few. His tracks were quickly signed to Metalheadz sub-label Rufige, Intasound, Vampire, 36th Chamber, MAC II and he had tracks featured on Andy C's Nightlife 4 mix CD and Goldie's Watch the Ride album. With regular weekly air plays on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra it seems that Jem-One was no one trick pony, with METAL VOICE voted tune of the year 2007 by DJ Bailey in ATM magazine. After a break from the music scene to concentrate on his art work career, Jem-One is back in the studio causing damage once again with release's already lined up for many labels Jem One is back on the scene with a bang!


Making waves across the North Sea from London, England to Utrecht, Holland, June Miller aka Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk pride themselves on their open-minded approach to music. After many inspiring years of travelling across Europe with bands, playing, writing and performing the music they love, they were drawn to the hypnotic sounds of Drum and Bass. And so in 2007, June Miller was born. June Miller's first steps were in fact giant leaps and their talent was immediately recognised in 2007 when they were voted best up and coming act at the Dutch DNB Awards. Their creative flair, along with the diversity and depth of their sound, has caught the attention of a range of labels across the spectrum of Drum and Bass, as well as Dubstep. This effortless precision towards production immediately caught the attention of Loxy, who signed them to his timeless label, Cylon. This was followed by signings from forward-thinking labels such as Vampire, Horizons, Deep Soul Music, Renegade Hardware and InnerActive. June Miller's electrifying live sets have moved audiences across Europe. From Renegade Hardware and Fabric London, to Outlook festival in Croatia, their eclectic and ethereal mixing will give goose bumps to even the thickest of skins. Their refreshing approach to both production and mixing, and their versatility and love for the deeper side of Drum and Bass, will ensure that their musical journey will take them far and wide. The future looks bright for the talented duo with innovative collaborations in the pipeline, adding even further to the dimensions of their sound!


As one of South East Asia's pioneers of the Drum and Bass sound, Kiat championed the darker side of Electronica with quality breaks, rolling bass-lines and leftfield influences over many years. With more than 17 years of DJ'ing experience behind him, Kiat moved successfully into music production. His tracks are programmed with Deep Grooves hidden behind warm Detroit Synth's and crafted hip-hop breaks. Opening for Goldie at Home Club, Singapore, he caught Goldie's attention and was immediately asked for a release on the Metalheadz's Rufige label. Kiat's tunes are now sought after by the top shelf DJs in the scene - Goldie, Doc Scott, Marky, Marcus Intalex, A-sides, S.P.Y., Storm, Digital, Alleycat , Bailey, Vapour, Gremlinz, London Electricity and Fabio. The Singaporean has also been featured as "Leader of the Nu-Skool" in recognised international Drum and Bass magazines Knowledge and ATM, and his tracks went on air on The BBC's 'Essential mix' on 1XTRA, BBC's online urban music radio station. Kiat's recent collaboration with S.P.Y. from Brazil titled "Close Encounters" was success. Furthermore, this tune allowed the duo to expand their audiences beyond the regular Drum and Bass enthusiasts. Goldie voted it as his favorite tune of the summer 2008! Kiat's music production creates Soundscapes to be remembered and definitely never takes the same route twice. Kiat's DJ sets are packed with leftfield beats as well as proper dance floor bangers! More to come from him in the future!


With well over a decade of professional contribution to the music industry, Mark System is a recording artist for Shy FX's "Digital Soundboy Recording Company". He is a former promoter and co-founder of award winning events in London and regularly performs across the World. In addition, he is a valued producer having written "Near Miss" - hailed as one of the most popular Drum and Bass tracks in the last few years. New production work includes his remix of Magnetic Man's top 10 single "I Need Air" (co-produced by Shy FX) and remix work for Rob Da Bank and Tom Middleton. A recent decision to officially adjoin DJing to his artistry has completed a loop in Mark's musicianship. As an MC, pure versatility has earned him regular performances in many very high profile international locations. Shows at Gate Crasher, Fabric Live, Notting Hill Carnival, Hospitality, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, SteppinSession (Russia) and Intrigue are all testament to his abilities. A range of radio stations including BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, Ministry Of Sound, Rinse FM and Pyro Radio have featured him as a guest and performer as have D&BTV. System made appearances on the popular 7 part ITV series 'Joy Of Decks' reaching a worldwide audience. He has compered at many large non Drum and Bass events like festivals, university balls and live music concerts. DJ performances have placed him in exclusive settings ranging from Selfridges to Bungalow 8 and as far from his London home as Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Mark is an accomplished composer and multi-instrumentalist with releases on Digital Soundboy, Exit Records, Shogun Audio, Subtitles UK, Ministry Of Sound, Sony Columbia, Sunday Best, Fabric Record, Universal Island and more. He has credits to his name for mastering and mixing, producing for pop artists, consulting, making and arranging music for various designers at London Fashion Week, scoring for short films and TV, sound design, voice-overs, creating radio jingles and adverts to mention a few. A selection of Mark's Drum and Bass is lined up for labels Digital Soundboy and other outlets under his production pseudonym "Mark System".


Meth is a DJ/Producer on a mission. That mission is to make an impact and an impact is without question what is going to happen wherever his music is played. Meth began his long road into Drum and Bass 13 years ago. Initially he was playing parties around his local area, a natural want to make beats emerged and Meth started to produce with good friend who would become Propaganda, A long term friendship and collaboration that still exists to this day. Meth met local Drum and Bass head Blade whilst Dj'ing on the South Coast of United Kingdom and alongside Virtua they formed The Sect signing to Offkey with 'Nerve Attack'. Numerous releases followed on labels such as Offkey, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware & PRSPCT. After smashing clubs across The Globe with his Dj'ing and music made alongside Blade & Virtua, Meth has decided to go solo as an artist. The new focus will be Dance floor smashers, if you have seen Meth's Dj'ing style you'll know what to expect! Window shattering bass and running drums are the order of the day! Anyone who has heard Meth's music will recognise that years of experience have led to such a fine tuned sound which has gained him fans worldwide!


In the 18 years since he first started experimenting with sampled loops, Jason Leder aka Method One has become one of the elder statesmen of the American Drum and Bass scene. As a Dj, he has honed his craft through hundreds of gigs stretching back to the early nineties, and can be heard every Friday on www.bassdrive.com. As a musician, he is responsible for numerous releases and remixes on labels such as 31 Records, Levitated, Secret Operations, Nu Directions, Outsider, Vampire, Absys, Covert Operations, Vibez, Red Mist, Offworld, Nexus (Good Looking), Testflight, Elektra/Warner Brothers and more. Jason is a managing partner of Levitated Recordings and lives in San Francisco, California.


From the industrial capital of Holland known as Eindhoven, comes one of the most promising names in contemporary Dutch Drum and Bass, Rogier Habraken a.k.a. Mindmapper. Growing up on one of the main nerves of the Dutch Drum and Bass scene and being surrounded by some of the biggest names in the scene has given Rogier the best education you could wish for. Having worked in the bar where the legendary Red Zone nights started since he was 16, Rogier got inspired to get seriously into producing the music he loves. Coming from a background of working with bands, playing electric guitar for many years and building his own studio, Mindmapper has got all the musical skills a producer might want. What started out as recording and arranging songs played by his band, evolved in a serious affection for cutting, sampling and composing Electronic Music. Combined with his education as an Audio Designer, Mindmapper is a musical mastermind whose style expands way beyond just Drum and Bass. Not surprisingly, Mindmapper's tunes have been spotted by top-notch labels and DJ's alike. Being part of the City Of Light concept album Verse (of Pendulum fame) put together on his label Crunch, Mindmapper has got a solid base for future releases. Recently, his tunes have been picked up by labels such as Loxy's Cylon as well as promising new labels such as Break-Fast Audio and Broken Audio Recordings. DJ support comes from the likes of Bailey, D-Kay, Loxy, Doc Scott, Gremlinz, Jubei, DLR & Octane, Nymfo, Mantra & Double O amongst many others.


Gergely Sasvári aka Mindscape, is one of the major producers hailing from the thriving Hungarian Drum and Bass scene, homeland of producers like Chris.SU, SKC or Jade. In 2003 he founded the Mindscape trio which a couple of years later became his solo project. First picked up by Trace, Mindscape soon became a worldwide known artist. 2007 saw his debut album called 'Black Lotus' on Citrus Recordings This album featured heavyweight dance floor smashers like the title track "Black Lotus" with Jade, or "Planet X" with Chris.SU featuring the legendary Ryme Tyme. The LP took him to the next level, his energetic, yet deep and minimal DJ sets were causing disturbance all over Europe, Australia and New Zealand. After having releases on estabilished labels such as Commercial Suicide, Subtitles and Citrus, and being featured on Andy C's world famous mix CD "Nightlife - Volume 5" with the track called "Bounce", Mindscape is now working on his 2nd album for Klute's label Commercial Suicide. So far Mindscape has collaborated with artists such as Cause 4 Concern, Gridlok, Break, Audio and Dose. Watch out for him in there future as he will be a major force in the international Drum and Bass scene both as a Producer and Dj!


Originally known as Taajuus, Naraka aka Ilkka Rytöluoto has been digging deep into electronic music since his early youth. Taking influences from various forms of electronic music ranging from ambient to all kinds of broken beats! He mostly creates Dark, Scary atmospheres and Evil and Filthy Drums and Bass lines. His collaboration with Trisector called "Blindspot" was released on Med School in 2009. Ilkka has also teamed up with a fellow Finnish producer Tuomas Järvensivu to create various forms of Dubstep. They go by the name Vesicle... Look out for him in the future!!!


NC-17 is a Drum and Bass duo of talented artists based in Toronto, Canada consisting of Peter and Shawn. Their namesake refers to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating system which undertakes that an NC-17 rating film would be one based around violence, sex, aberrational behaviour, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider too intense for viewing by their children. The group's love of movies is reflected not only in their name, but equally in their music, combining both NC-17 rating style hardness and a cinematic edge that any fan of Drum and Bass will understand. Crafting music that works not only in an artistic capacity, but also as a catalyst to making clubbers shake their collective booties! Originally starting out with Peter in 2004, NC-17 became a two man operation in 2007 when Korosiv joined the ranks to form one of the most promising acts in the Canadian scene. Initially learning their craft from Impulse of Corrupt Souls fame, the boys began to draw on a huge range of musical and audio-visual influences to create their own unique sound. Working together as a unit, NC-17 is held together by an obviously close friendship and individual roles within the group. Peter is the eldest of the group and comes from a musical family (his mother was a singer in Turkey during her early 20s). He houses the main NC-17 studio and is an experienced DJ, promoter, producer and University educated film maker. Shawn, a professional drummer and the son of a sound engineer who toured with the likes of Pink Floyd is originally from Ohio. As soon as the two got into the studio together they knew they had something special to offer and Canada's most promising Drum and Bass production outfit was born. Citing inspiration from as far and wide as the Goblin, Dario Argento, Wu-Tang Clan, Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, Lucio Fulci, Fabio Frizzi, Konflict, Ed Rush, Trace, Jeff Mills, DJ Randall and Pink Floyd it's clear to see that NC-17 have a solid foundation to build on and already their own musical output is featuring not only in their regular DJ slots around their home city, but also in the sets of DJs as world renowned as Andy C, Ed Rush, Optical, Randall, Pendulum, Trace, Bad Company, Red One, Shimon & many more. Signing their first two hard hitting tracks to Sinuous Recordings in 2004, there's now no stopping this duo who have lined up releases on Viper Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Proximity, DSCI4, MAC II, Circle, Sudden Def, and many more to come.


Heavy smashers and serious Bass Lines are the core elements of sound for Drum and Bass producer Niskala. Originally hailing from New York, Niskala has been composing music since 1995 and started producing Drum and Bass as of 2003. Drawing heavy influences from the works of artists such as Dillinja, Source Direct, and Dom and Roland, Niskala seeks to define the future sound of Drum and Bass with respect to the legends of the genre. Recent releases by Niskala include "Tuff As Nails" (VAMPCDLP2UK 002) on Phil Source's Vampire Recordings and an upcoming release on Vibez Recordings. Current projects include collaborations with Mason and Sol.ID. Most days he can be found in the studio working on several different projects ranging from composing Drum and Bass, to playing with rock bands, and working on sound design for video games. Niskala first burst onto the scene as a resident DJ at the Easy Drum and Bass weekly in Raleigh, NC for a few years before breaking through with his first release, "Dissent" (INTA010) released on DJ Bailey's Intasound recordings in 2007. The following years would include releases on Dj Vapour's 36 Hertz Recordings, Soothsayer and Tenebrae Recordings. With support from DJ Vapour, Tech Itch, Dylan, Current Value, John Rolodex, Mason and DStar, Dj Bailey's BBC 1Xtra, Grooverider's Radio1, and Kiss 100 with DJ Hype, Niskala shows no loss in momentum in his rise to the top!



A true DJ at heart with many years experience under his belt, Dutch DJ/producer Nymfo has recently been making waves with his skills in the studio as well as on the decks. Standout singles for Commercial Suicide and Critical Modulations have made his name synonymous with tough, techno-tinged dance floor Drum and Bass, adding to a reputation built at his own nights Red Zone and Breek in Eindhoven. Now he's pushing his sound further with releases set for Commercial Suicide and Metalheadz as well as further collaborations with Black Sun Empire, Klute and S.P.Y Twice voted 'Best Dutch DJ' in the past few years, Amsterdam-based Nymfo (aka Bardo Camp) may be no newcomer to Drum and Bass but has recently established himself amongst its most promising production talents. With a versatile and infectious style, his tracks have already won support across the scene from the likes of Goldie, Friction, Fabio, Hype, BSE, Teebee, Klute, Doc Scott, S.P.Y, Commix, Kasra, Logistics and more! "I started as a DJ when I was 14, but soon after that I started to promote as well. I liked this from day one already. I wanted to produce, but was very lazy most of the time. After I met Icicle, the producing part was getting more interesting for me. He gave me lots of tips and tricks, so it was easier for me to start." Nymfo's breakthrough came in 2007, with releases on Shogun Ltd, Renegade Hardware and a 12" for Critical alongside Icicle. Solo releases for Critical and Crunch soon followed, with 'Franky Mountain' (alongside Icicle) earning a prestigious Ram release on the 'Dimensions 3' EP. Further honing his sound and remaining versatile, Nymfo stepped up with singles for CIA, Inneractive and 31 Records before really hitting his stride in 2010. With a potent combination of powerful beats and hypnotic techno-influenced grooves, a guest appearance on Black Sun Empire's LP ('Kempi) plus two strong singles for Commercial Suicide ('Matchstick b/w Bionic Fingers') and Critical Modulations ('Try To Forget b/w Autonomous Robot') set dancefloors blazing worldwide and marked Nymfo as a name to remember An accomplished DJ with a diverse selection, Nymfo has captivated crowds at festivals such as Lowlands and toured worldwide to destinations including New Zealand and South Africa. With years of experience promoting his own events, he's held residencies at Red Zone (which he ran together with Martyn for over 10 years) and Breek in Eindhoven yet Nymfo remains keener than ever to reach new places and take his music further: "A 100% Drum and Bass crowd is wicked of course. But there are lots of people that don't know the genre - that's why I like it to play a party with a mixed up crowd and hope to convert some people to the lovely music that is Drum and Bass" Things are looking bright for Nymfo in the future with more releases due on Commercial Suicide, Metalheadz, CIA, Samurai and Dispatch plus collaborations with Black Sun Empire, Klute and S.P.Y!


Outrage has been closely following drum and bass for over a decade. His first break came at the age of 15 when he gained a slot on Bedford's (UK) pirate radio station Shock FM. It was not long after the broadcast that his vigorous sets began gracing the Bedford area dance floors, catching the attention of fans and future collaborators alike. Outrage would form his first major alliance at the age of 16 when he crossed paths and teamed up with Stomp and Weaver which resulted in his initial production efforts, with the collaborations Check the Flava and Deep in 2 Depth. The affiliation with Stomp and Weaver also helped his career with additional performances, thanks to the inception of two featured club nights hosted by them: Sugar Cubes in Lincoln and Fantasy Island in Skegness. By the age of 18 Outrage's career as a DJ began to flourish. His radio audience extended when he gained a spot on Perception FM, the largest pirate radio station in the Bedfordshire area. His audience continued to grow over the course of the following year when he began hosting a show on London's prestigious Rinse FM and started playing at various events in central Europe, alongside other UK artists. It was also at this time that Stomp had relocated to London and the two began working in the studio; resulting in the duos first major release - Snakes - on L Doubles Flex Records. Soon after Outrage made contact with promoters in New York and Philadelphia booking him for such renowned American drum and bass parties as Direct Drive, Mathematics, and Drink Land. The year 2000 brought Outrage his most influential alliance yet, when he united with Tronic (now known as Amit) . The two went straight to the studio and over the following two years released tunes featured on such labels as Nu Urban and Chemical Warfare. These successful releases resulted in the pair meeting Digital, the vanguard of dub-influenced drum n bass; further enhancing their production knowledge and skill with his guidance. He has showcased his talent at such festivals as the famous Berlin Love Parade and Hungary's Sziget Festival. Debuting his live PA skills at Amsterdam's Ichione Subversive Renaissance in April 2005, Outrage has also crossed over into the category of a live performer. The notorious emotional atmosphere that is created by his fluxes of diligent break beats and fervent bass lines can be heard in his Ableton Live PA. Outrage has forthcoming releases on some of the most distinguished labels around, collaborations with equally distinguished artists and some fusion projects alongside Bill Laswell, Herbie Hancock and crew in New York. Since day one Outrage has been a purveyor of abstract music, providing a unique perspective upon dance floor music. Honing his skills on labels such as Metalheadz, Inneractive, Intasound, Commercial Suicide, and L Plates, he now chooses to continue pushing sounds which explore the depths of the human imagination by encouraging other producers to pursue their own artist endeavors.


Paul T's involvement in the electronic music scene began during 1990 at a time when the UK club and rave scene was at it's prime. He regularly attended clubs like Seduction, Orange and Reincarnation. This led to his developing interest in DJ'ing. Then in 1993, he started DJ'ing with the Conflict agency and it was around this period that he collaborated on productions with JD Cruz and Rachele Wallace of Suburban Bass Records. His ongoing interest in production also led to working with re-known Drum and Bass Producer Adam F. With the aim of extending his musical knowledge, Paul T went back to his instrumental roots and started to play the piano again. This helped in developing his music writing skills and also led to teaching himself to play the bass guitar. It was during this time that he performed regularly with various bands around London. His extensive experience in the band scene allowed him to delve into styles that ranged from Trip Hop to Dub to experimental! Paul T is currently working on collaborations with producers Survival and Edward Oberon. His most recent signings are to Good Looking Records, Vampire Records, Phuzion Records, Spearhead Records, Future Thinkin Records, Underconstruction Records and Vibez Recordings. Dj's lending support to his sound are Fabio, DBridge, Survival, Sabre, Ltj Bukem, Randall, Lynx, Eveson, Phil Source, Bailey and many more! He has traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, Poland Dj'ing and performing. It's a case of watch this space with Paul T; DJ, Producer and performer who is clearly making waves in the scene!



Phil Source aka Phil Aslett is from St. Albans, Hertfordshire in the U.K and is The CEO of Vampire! Phil was one of the original members of the legendary Source Direct. Source Direct originated back in (1992) as Sounds of Life when Phil was 16. Sounds of Life were originally engineered by Rupert Parkes now known as the legendary Photek. Phil's first ever Sounds of Life tracks were released on Certificate 18 and were supported immediately by the likes of Grooverider, Fabio, Peshay, Doc Scott and LTJ Bukem. Phil then went on to record tracks for his own imprint Source Direct in (1994-1999) famous for big tunes like "Snake Style" and "The Crane." Numerous releases on Goldie's Metalheadz imprint (1995-1998) LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records (1995) and James Lavelle's Mo Wax recordings (1996) set Phil up to be approached by Richard Branson's Virgin Records and MCA Music Publishing for a major record deal (1996-1999). Having collaborated on two Albums for Virgin by (1999) and toured the world with the Source Direct sound (1995-1999). Phil was then asked to produce music for the Hollywood blockbuster "Blade" featuring Wesley Snipes. "Blade" ended up being a Top Ten Movie in the US for 12 months and was a huge hit here in the UK. Phil left Source Direct in 2000. He felt that he had achieved all that he could as a member of Source Direct with over a 100 different releases spanning over the 8 years (1992-2000). Phil had a long break from the Drum and Bass scene (2000-2006). Since being back and his full attention has been focused on his solo career as Phil Source and his new imprint Vampire Records Ltd. Vampire Records has been set up to release Drum and Bass music of all styles and will feature many different artists. Phil Source features on the first 2 vinyl releases on Vampire as Grand Masterz with Danny Mancini, a newcomer to the Drum and Bass scene but not to the industry being related to "Henri Mancini" the original composer of "The Pink Panther" soundtrack. Phil's 3rd outing on Vampire was a collaboration with Mark System on the track "Fearless" which featured on The "Once Bitten, Twice High" album. The track was well received and was played excessively by most of the big players in the scene. The next offering from Phil Source on Vampire was a remix of Soul Intent's "Future Funk" which he did with fellow Metalheadz stable mate Outrage. This remix featured on The "Drumz of The Damned" album and was a trip down memory lane for a lot of the Old School headz! The latest project on Vampire from Phil Source is "The Old to The New EP". This is the first Digital EP from Phil and is a collaborations EP with 5 tracks featuring Outrage, Mark System, Physics, Strago and Paul T. There is such diversity on the release that many people say it reminds them of The Old Source Direct days! There is another Digital EP planned from Phil to finish the series of 10 EP's. Already confirmed for this EP are Meth, Strago, Paul T and Outrage! Since 2008 Phil Source has been Djing again. He has already played in Birmingham (Custard Factory), Brighton (The Volks), Helsinki (The Rose Garden), Athens (BIOS), London (Cargo), Amsterdam (Flex Bar), London (Corsica Studios), London (The Hub), Lithuania (Fabric), Temah (London) Knowledge (Fluid, London), Fringe (Hemel Hempstead), Ichione (Amsterdam), Forms (Arnhem), Intent to Supply (London), Bios (Athens), Beatniks (Helsinki), The Bite (Plan B, London) and Cheeky Monday (Amsterdam)! For Phil Source bookings please contact Vampire Records Ltd directly!!!


Physics is the production moniker for Finnish Drum and Bass Producer/DJ and label owner Glenn Grip. He is currently recording for Labels such as Metalheadz, Secret Operations, Blindside, Fokuz, Jerona Fruits, Jerona Dubs, Phuzion, Phuturistic Bluez, Planet Funk, Vampire Records, Pivotal Entertainment music and Telluric Recordings. He also runs Finland based label Midnight Sun Recordings and is a co-owner of the Digital Download shop www.digital-tunes.net alongside companion William Coates. He started producing in the late 90s and it didn't take long before his music was snapped up by the biggest labels in the industry. Physics music has been supported by international DJ's such as LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Nookie, Marcus Intalex, Marky, XRS, D-Bridge, Randall, Bryan Gee, Seba, Makoto, Phil Source and many more. ] Being a busy DJ has taken him to countries like Czech Rep, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Russia, UK, Austria, Estonia, Slovakia and The Netherlands playing the sounds of the Midnight Sun.


Qumulus has, and continues, to explore the full circumference of music that the world has to offer. With over fifteen years and hundreds of club sets (National and International) under his belt he has matured into a quality Producer and Dj! Having cut his teeth as a Hip Hop and House Dj spinning the local raves in his native West London he has moved from genre to genre progressively absorbing and assimilating the eclecticism of the dance music scene never ignoring the fact that music has formed the backbone to his life throughout. From hosting his own shows (Atmosphere show – Life Fm) on London's myriad of pirate (and commercial) stations to organising his own residencies (Subsonic) and playing at several others, he remains a busy figure within the dance music scene. Drawing on a very broad spectrum of influences, Qumulus over the last few years has had 10 releases on a variety of labels such as Vibez Recordings, Zen Recordings, Tellluric Recordings, Vampire and Influenza Media. Having gained support on BBC Radio 1xtra on a number of occasions and completed a number of collaborations with international artists (Cybass (Brazil), Jett (Florida), Flaco (Miami), Atmospherix (Belgium), Clart (Singapore), Champagne (Finland) he continues with his studio work. It has been a strong start to his career in Drum and Bass and there are many plans for the future! Journey your mind some more….


Resound aka Ilpo Karkkainen is an artist, producer and DJ from Tampere, Finland. With releases on such influential labels as Digital Soundboy, Renegade Hardware, Razor's Edge/Metalheadz, Function, Secret Operations and many more he's established his sound in the forefront of drum & bass music today. Resound's been very involved in music for a while. He has 2 years of production experience, a degree in music and sound technology and releases on more than 30 record labels worldwide! He has also been involved in game soundtracks and animation scores that have been heard by millions of people. His tracks are getting played by all the hot shot DJ's in the scene - Andy C, Goldie, Grooverider, DJ Hype and Bailey to name a few. Resound beats are penetrating the airwaves through BBC Radio 1, Kiss 100, BBC 1Xtra not to mention some of the hottest clubs around the world. Many people also know him through his collaborations with people such as Loxy, Digital and Stapleton MC. Resound also runs AUX Media - a studio specializing in urban music production and sound design. Ilpo comes from a production background but he's not left short as a DJ! He's been delivering deadly sets for years across Europe as well as his resident night Pressure in Tampere, Finland. Watch this Space!!!


Rregula is one of the bigger exports from Australia. His music is a very Deep and Dirty rolling Neuro Drum and Bass sound. It has nothing to do with a fad or a faze, and 7 years of Dj'ing over The World and over 20 12" releases and even more digital releases prove it! He first gained attention for being half of rocking Drum and Bass Power Duo "BaD RoBoT" with Phetsta. He then shifted to a Darker and Dirtier vibe with solo releases and an on-going collaboration with Dementia (and more artists like The Panacea and the NME Click) Rregula has become one of the main players in The World of rolling Drum and Bass. With releases on Vampire, Shadybrain, Citrus, Disturbed, Icarus, TRIM and Climate Rregula's sound of fast and dirty Drum and Bass continues to evolve.


North London based Gove Kidao aka Sabre emerged onto the Drum and Bass horizon when the DJ turned Producer enjoyed a spell of well-received releases across a range of respected labels back in 2004. Up until then he'd seen a few white label releases, but the support from Jerona Fruits and Emcee Recordings were to elevate his profile into earshot of the biggest names in the genre, and help galvanise his reputation as a twisted yet soulful thinker, bringing a grittier sound to the deeper spectrum of DnB. After being brought up in the Seychelles, Sabre moved to the UK in 1989 where within a matter of years, now as a young teenager, a passion for Hip-Hop had flourished, engaging in the culture as a bedroom DJ, spending every penny on vinyl. Soon the Jungle Era arrived and overwhelmed at the richness of the music, Sabre started to purchase the occasional release, and eventually switched focus entirely towards drum and bass with the discovery of more futuristic, industrial sounding artists such as Teebee, Ed Rush, Dom&Roland, Future Forces and Photek. A few years on and the inevitable experimentation with music production had begun, with artists of the day such as Jonny L, Ed Rush & Optical, Kemal and Teebee all providing a major influence, but never forgetting his roots, the ethic of people like Premier, Diamond D, The Beatminerz and Soul Assassins all have a noticeable influence in his production style. Following a course in audio engineering in 2001 and now having gained early interest from labels and mainstream radio support, the then 21 year old made a slight detour into the world of television broadcasting, the music remaining a priority but now running parallel to a position with BBC News. The balancing act lasted till 2007, and in that period grew an international presence as a DJ and a production portfolio of projects for labels including Virgin V2, Gut, Relentless, Metalheadz, Critical, Renegade Hardware, Bassbin, Revolution, and Horizons music. Sabre eventually left the BBC, prompted by an invitation to assist in composing a film score for cult director Tony Kaye, on his first project since American History X. The skills learnt at the BBC however haven't been put to waste, with a fledging incarnation growing of Sabre as a director and producer of videos and short films. Always creating new music, and showcasing the best of his collection as a DJ on the dance floor, the future for Sabre is more of the same by all accounts. A commitment to exploring his own musical boundaries and creating tracks that aim to be unique, but beyond anything fuses the joint passion of music and video in a series of multimedia projects.



Soul Intent aka Alex Judd has been DJ'ing since he was 15. On first hearing a DJ Randall mix whilst at school he knew he wanted to become a DJ and take clubbers on musical journeys. But it wasn't until Alex arrived at University at Nottingham Trent in 2000 that he got his first main room gigs at various nights including Detonate (which is still going strong 11 years after its first event). In 2005 he set up Brutal Recordings with a few other Nottingham based DJ's and Producers which helped hone his production skills. Alex then spent months and months working on his mix downs and production. In December 2006 he sent off a CD to Mary Ann Hobbs at Radio 1. Straight away she got in touch, saying she was going to play 'Jus Vibe' (Blindside Recordings) on her show that same week. Later that month DJ Flight played 'Bibio Dub' on her Next Chapter show on Radio 1's digital station 1xtra. Later that year the Grooverider on his Friday night Radio1 show said "I'm expecting big things from this guy!" Now with 13 vinyl appearances behind him and one of the best selling Vampire releases to date, Soul Intent continues to build a reputation for producing and DJ'ing exciting and fresh music. Alex has had other releases on respected labels such as Commercial Suicide, Mac II, 31, Samurai, Project 51, Creative Source, Blindside, Influence, Cylon and Renegade Hardware!


Steve Kielty has been involved in both production and engineering since the inception of Drum and Bass back in 1993/94 when he kicked off his musical career as a studio engineer. Around this time he paired up with Roy McCabe under the guises of Akustic Research and Banaczech and released on the prolific Vinyl Addiction and Partisan Recordings between 1995 and 2003. Having taken a break from Drum and Bass to work as studio manager for London's West Row Studios, Steve re-emerged in 2005 under the alias Survival. With a plethora of well received releases on labels including Creative Source, Exit Records, DNAudio, Quarantine, Critical and Shogun, Survival's deep, organic sound has rapidly earned him a reputation as one of the true craftsmen of modern Drum and Bass. Collaborations with D-Bridge, Break, Silent Witness, Fierce, Sabre and Alix Perez clearly illustrate the respect he commands from his peers. With his newly launched Audio Tactics label providing a focused outlet for his productions and a highly anticipated debut album recently completed for dBridge's Exit Records, his fan base is expanding as rapidly as his discography!


Hailing from Norway, TeeBee has made a colossal impact on the Drum and Bass world since first emerging in 1999! Following three highly celebrated albums for the infamous Certificate 18, TeeBee launched his own Subtitles Music imprint in 2001 which has since played host to the scene's biggest stars, announcing the arrival of names such as Noisia, Spor, Break, Phace and Ulterior Motive and remains one of the biggest and respected Drum and Bass labels of today! More recently TeeBee has joined forces with Calyx, releasing their first joint album 'Anatomy' to critical acclaim. They are now hard at work on the follow-up, due for release in 2012. This will inevitably lead to another World Tour for the pair! Teebee has recorded for labels such as Metalheadz, Photek Productions, Renegade Hardware, Juice, Technique and Moving Shadow too name a few. He has had Dj Support from the likes of Goldie, Grooverider, Andy C, Photek, Doc Scott, Storm and Phil Source too name a few!


The Untouchables signatures a style which is Heavy and Black but has a progressive edge keeping the Old School Influence true. Their Tech-Edge Dub-Plate Sound has enabled them to play all over, Belgium France, England, Holland and Germany. All sorts of events like Dour, Leaf, Aironef, Fuze and Le Gazon has enabled them to hone their production skills. They have just signed Cylon and are currently working on Projects with Gremlinz, Loxy, Munk, Amaning and BTK. Kay's unique style is a mixture of Heavy Bass lines and Percussive energy. Her Old school influences from back in the day are the key to her approach to Drum and Bass. Nitrox is the co founder of the Original Universal Project collective. He has put out tracks as part of the Project or Co produced with Dj Keaton, on well established labels such as Renegade Hardware, Freak Recordings, Quarantine, Virus, True Playaz and Advance. Watch out for their Dub style beats in the future!


Trisector aka Otto Hassinen was inspired by music from an early age, influenced by the sounds blasting out of his Commodore 64 and the Bruce Springsteen and Beatles tapes his dad played in the car. After hearing the Amen break on an LTJ Bukem set from Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Drum and Bass became essential listening and at the tender aged of 11, he got his first PC so he could create it himself using tracker software and samples! Otto unleashed his first release in 2004 on UK label Heavy Disco as one half of Finnish Breakbeat/Dubstep duo Takomo. They had DJ support from Breakbeat heavyweights Annie Nightingale, Jay Cunning and Tayo. 10 Takomo releases followed on labels such as Botchit, Destructive and Urban Graffiti. DJ dates came thick and fast, presenting the boys with a chance to play all over Europe from Finland to Spain and Russia to the UK. In 2007 Otto rekindled his relationship with Drum and Bass, redeveloping his sound at 170bpm under the name Trisector with DJ support from Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Muffler, Physics and Resound. It wasn't long before Hospital Records snapped up his tracks for sister label Med School who delivered two Trisector singles "Morning Rain" and "Lifeforms" to an unsuspecting Drum and Bass fraternity in 2009. These tracks were championed by High Contrast, Nerm (BBC radio), London Elektricity, Survival, S.P.Y, Kasra, Loxy, Mutated Forms and Chris.SU amongst others! Heading into a new decade, Otto is busy running a monthly night called Science in his hometown Helsinki and continues to be a prolific DJ armed with a plethora of new dubs and old school twelve's. Trisector is definitely one to watch!!


Zero T started out way back in 1998 as a fresh faced youngster at Dublin's now legendary Bassbin Night, supporting the likes of Ed Rush, Matrix and Fierce. In late '99, just as Zero T's vinyl debut was dropping on Bassbin001, the mighty 4 Hero snapped up some tracks that he and new cohort Beta 2 had done. This lead to an EP and a 12" on Reinforced one of the original Drum and Bass labels, not a bad start at all. Soon Zero T and Beta2 were getting to meet the likes of Klute, Fabio, Total Science, Goldie, Digital, Bailey, Flight, Storm and Doc Scott who all started to play their music. By 2001 releases were coming thick and fast on labels like Subtitles, Commercial Suicide, Function and Advanced. Dominic Martin aka Calibre was working very closely with Zero T trying to help out along the way. This has since led to many collaborations with Calibre, notably the Waterfall 12" on Signature which was a big hit in 06. In 2007, Zero T relocated to London, working closely with Bryan G and Jumping Jack Frost's V Recordings Camp, Artificial Intelligence's Integral Records and also an LP for Total Science's CIA imprint. The Resulting LP "Cheap Shots" was released in June 08 to critical acclaim across the board. Other contributors to this album included Alix Perez, MC Conrad, Icicle, Bailey and Riya! After touring extensively Zero T is now plotting his next steps including releases on Subtitles, Shogun Audio, Good Looking, Liquid V, Integral and Metalheadz. In 2011 came the first release on his own label Footprints lands and the release of his debut mix compilation for Fabric Live.

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